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Declaration of Faith dated 16 Jun 1741 (but probably new members were added later). Only Stephen's name appears in the list.

The Tilden Chapel records

This book was started around 1640 with some detailed enties similar to the parish register but these stop after a few years and never resume. Records were kept intermittently up to 1830 but there are some long gaps. One of the better periods started with the Declaration of Faith, followed by a series of "discipline meetings" in the 1750s. These include the financial accounts for the year and were signed by all the senior members, including Robert and Stephen Bridge. It is interesting to see the variations in spelling and handwriting; presumably none of these signatories did much writing, which is probably why records were only kept intermittently.

I was able to photograph the pages of the actual book while it was in the keeping of the Misses Millen but it has since been deposited with the Kent County Archives.

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Discipline meeting 14 Nov 1750, signed by Robert.

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Discipline meeting 25 Dec 1752, signed by Robert. The upstroke on the "d" seems to be detached.

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Discipline meeting 15 Oct 1751, signed by Robert. In this case the upstroke of the "d" comes out of the "g".

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Discipline meeting 25 Dec 1754, signed by Robert and Stephen.