Family of Andrew Bridge of Kingston, Ontario, 1829-1919
Two pictures of Andrew Bridge taken some 40 years apart.

The young Andrew is one of two pictures showing him in the same clothes and a similar pose. The other is a tintype and so could date from as early as 1856. It seems highly likely that the original of the one shown here also was a tintype, which would explain the thumb print at the bottom left corner. (A tintype image has the emulsion on the surface where it is easily damaged.) The original image must have been rephotographed, probably later and perhaps to obtain several prints and also correct the left-to-right inversion typical of tintypes. In any case it is a spectacular example of early photography.

The second picture is taken from a large portrait taken by a photographer in Brantford, the home of Andrew's brother, Amos.

Both pictures come from LDW's collection.

Andrew's extended family was recorded in the "Bridge-Cooke family tree" typed up by F R Gorrie in a final revision dated 1985. In his introduction he refers to the initial work done by Mrs Dorcas Adsit (a grand-daughter of Andrew) and Mrs Jean Ostroth (great grand-daughter); FRG himself was the husband of another of Andrew's great grandchildren. Much further information was supplied by various cousins in response to FRG's requests. Some things, like the dates of birth of Andrew's first family, I know only from this document. Unfortunately the compilers did not note their sources (probably all family records and memories) and there is little information beyond the bare dates and occasionally locations of events. I have used the Canada census records as a check, adding some extra details and clarifying some points, notably for Andrew's son Charles. In the table below, data from F R Gorrie is indicated by (FRG). Except for Andrew's son Charles, all the dates for Andrew's descendants tie in well with the public records.

In all Andrew had 14 children. His Bridge descendants are summarised in this tree.

date location record name description note
18 Nov 1829 Birth Andrew Bridge son of Richard & Sarah (FRG)
Andrew's childhood was mostly spent in Wittersham. His daughter Lucy recalled hearing him say that he used to go to the top of the church tower and play there! He moved to Canada with his parents and the rest of the family in 1841, as a boy of 12.
12 Jan 1851 Burford, Brant, Canada West Census: Canada West James A McMaster Cooper 29, b. Ireland
Elizabeth McMaster 19, b. Canada
James Jimby Cooper 25, b. England
Andrew Bridge Cooper 21, b. England

A cooper made wooden barrels; a highly skilled trade involving shaping the staves and the clamping them together with iron hoops. It is not stated but Andrew seems to be the apprentice. (Ages were recorded as age next birthday, so reduced by one.)

The main picture show Andrew's "shaving horse", which he would have made for his own use. Essentially this is a foot-operated clamp for holding a piece of wood while shaping it with the draw-shave (right), which needs both hands. The operator sits astride the left end of the bench and by pushing forward on the pedal makes the head pivot back and down towards the work surface. The complicated shape of the head (see inset) allows for various sized pieces to be held while pulling back with the draw-shave; the action is made easier by having a tilted work surface that is in line with the operator's elbows. Compared to a vice, clamping and releasing the piece is much faster.

1 Nov 1854 Marriage Andrew Bridge & Elizabeth Lane (EL b. 12 Dec 1838) (FRG)
20 Apr 1856 Birth Amos Martin Bridge (FRG)
FRG inserted Charles Henry, born 25 Feb 1857. However, this does not agree with the 1881 census or 1882 registration of death.
1 Apr 1858 Birth Mary Elizabeth Bridge (FRG)
1858 The biographical note for Andrew in the 1878 atlas (see below) says that he "settled in 1858", presumably in Westbrook.
27 Jun 1859 Birth Wallace Gorham Bridge (FRG)
2 Aug 1860 Canada Gazette Grant of a patent Andrew Bridge of West Brook, Kingston Patent for a "self-acting churn"
14 Jan 1861 Kingston, Frontenac, Canada West Census: Canada West Andrew Bridge Cooper 29, b. England
Elizabeth Bridge wife 22, b. England
Amos Bridge 4, b. Union of Canada
Mary Bridge 2, b. Union of Canada
Wallace Bridge 1, b. Union of Canada
Ages recorded for next birthday, so reduced by one.
4 Jun 1862 Birth Oliver Cromwell Bridge (FRG)
10 Aug 1863 Birth Sarah Jane Bridge (FRG)
1864/5 Kingston Birth Charles R Bridge son of Andrew (from death record)
20 Apr 1866 Birth William Richard Bridge (FRG)
FRG states that William died 30 Aug 1868. There are no official records of births and deaths in Ontario before 1869 so the information cannot be verified.
about 1865

Andrew Bridge

These two pictures come from LDW's collection. The one of Andrew was a "tintype" and somewhat damaged, so I have repaired this and also corrected the left-to-right inversion. Compared to the other picture of Andrew as a young man, he looks here to be older and also somewhat more careworn. Possibly the picture dates from after the death of Elizabeth.

The paper print of the children can be dated to 1865, judging by the apparent age of the youngest, Oliver, who would have been 3 years old. (The oldest boy, Amos, must be standing on a step to improve the composition of the picture. He could not have been 9in taller than his sister.)

Unfortunately there are no pictures that can be safely identified as Elizabeth.

about 1865 The Post Office at Westbrook around 1865, with Andrew (far right) and members of his family.

In a note on the back of this photograph, Andrew's daughter Lucy wrote that he was postmaster at Westbrook for nearly 40 years. The house is obviously the same as shown in the 1878 atlas but this photograph must be significantly earlier since there is no porch nor any sign of a tree growing behind the house.

The picture may show Andrew (on the right) with his parents, first wife Elizabeth and their children. However, the print is very faded and the detail not clear enough to identify faces. There are also some significant points of difference: no other pictures of Andrew show him clean shaven, while in the two identified pictures of his father, Richard has a short neat beard growing under his chin. The boy standing by himself, presumably Amos, is shorter than the girl, presumably his younger sister Mary. So the identifications cannot be be regarded as definite. However assuming that the first four children are shown the youngest, Oliver, would have been 3 in 1865, which looks right.

23 Aug 1868 Death Elizabeth Bridge (FRG)
15 Jan 1869 St. George's Anglican cathedral, Kingston, Ont. Baptism Sarah and Charles Bridge (Roger Bredin)
On the face of it, this seem out of place; Andrew was a lifelong Methodist and did not have any of his other chidren baptized. However, his father Richard belonged to the Church of England and assuming that Sarah and Charles went to live with him as soon as their mother died, it is much easier to understand why they were treated differently.
17 Sep 1869 Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario Marriage register Andrew Bridge, son of Richard & Sarah & Martha Ann Smith, dau. of Wm. & Elizabeth AB:35, b. England
MAS: 20, b. Camden
(12 Dec 1838, FRG)
Martha is the name clearly written in the register; presumably the copyist could not make sense of Mahala. Andrew's age is also 4 years out.
21 Jun 1870 Westbrooke, Frontenac, Ontario Birth declaration Lucy Ameralla Celestine Bridge dau. of Andrew & Mahala Ann informant: MAB, 1 May 1929
Registration was a legal requirement after 1869 but the law was not enforced until the 1880's. Declarations provided for late registration, enabling the issuance of a birth certificate. Mahala was 90 when she signed; she gave her address as Westbrooke.
27 Apr 1871 Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario Census of Canada Andrew Bridge Cooper 41, b. England
Mahala Bridge wife 22, b. Ontario
Amos Bridge 15, b. Ontario
Wallace Bridge 12, b. Ontario
Lucy Bridge 8 mo., b. Ontario
Sarah and Charles were staying with their grandparents. I cannot trace Oliver (age 8) or Mary (13).
29 Nov 1871 Birth Barton Brewer Bridge not registered (FRG)
The name Brewer refers to the Brower family, from which Mahala was descended.
1878 Illustrated historical atlas of the counties of Frontenac, Lennox and Addington, Ontario. Toronto: J.H. Meacham & Co., 1878

This is one of about 30 such atlases published between 1874 and 1881 for various counties in Ontario, all available from The Canadian County Atlas Digital Project

The atlases show the division of the townships (T.P.) into concessions and then lots, originally of 200 acres. Westbrooke occupied a small part of lot 3 in concession III.

WestBrook PO

The map puts A. Bridge's plot on the south side of the York road. Two buildings are shown, the post office and a "Churn Fact(ory)", nicely confirming the information on Andrew's trade as a cooper and his position as postmaster.

Residents could pay the publisher to include extra information such as portraits and views. Andrew evidently thought it worthwhile to put in this picture of the post office house, which is an excellent match to the earlier photograph but with the added porch. The telegraph wires were probably also quite recent.

2 Dec 1878 Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario Birth register Fergus Ross Bridge son of Andrew & Mahala Ann AB: mechanic
This was the third of a sequence of four registrations all for members of the Bridge family, all on the same day. First Andrew registered his grand-daughter Celia Viola Cooke, then his brother-in-law John Bolton, husband of Andrew's sister Martha, registered the birth of their sixth child, Florence Ethel, then Andrew registered Fergus and finally his brother Cornelius registered the birth of his own son George.
about 1880 Henderson, Kingston, Ontario Andrew's two eldest sons, Amos and Wallace, are easily recognised in this portrait photograph (see the other pictures below). Both look to be in their early 20's, hence the estimated date. The boy standing behind looks rather younger and seems very likely to be Charles, who was living at home when the 1881 census was taken whereas Oliver was not. Also, the pictures of Oliver as a young man look rather different, with a broader brow and hair parted on the other side.

It seems very likely that this is the only surviving image of Charles, who died in 1882.

4 Apr 1881 Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario Census of Canada Andrew Bridge Cooper 51, b. England
Mahala Bridge wife 32, b. Ontario
Amos Bridge Cooper 24, b. Ontario
Wallace Bridge Cooper 21, b. Ontario
Charles Bridge Cooper 16, b. Ontario
Lucy Bridge 11, b. Ontario
Barton Bridge 9, b. Ontario
Fergus Bridge 3, b. Ontario
21 Oct 1881 Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario Birth register Ednie Florance Pearl Bridge dau. of Andrew & Mahala Ann AB: cooper
25 Feb 1882 Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario Death register Charles R Bridge "brakesman, run over by R.R. train" age 17, b. Kingston; informant: Andrew Bridge, Westbrook
A newspaper report of the accident: A Young Man Mangled while Coupling Cars at the G. T. R. Depot

This morning (Sat. Feb 25, 1882) about half-past two o'clock a fatal accident occurred at the Grand Trunk Station. A young man named C. Bridge was the victim. We are informed that he was engaged in coupling cars on the siding, and that he was running before the train toward a car on the main track, when in attempting to cross the rails at the switch his right foot got caught in the frog of the track and he became transfixed. The train was coming on slowly behind him, but he was unable to relieve himself. He struggled violently for a second or two, and seeing that his efforts were useless he cried out for help, but almost immediately the car slowly pushed him forward upon the rails, the wheels passing over the right leg below the knee and literally smashing the hip bone to pieces. He was picked up in a dying condition and brought to the K. G. H. (Kingston General Hospital), where he died shortly after his arrival. Deceased was a young man about 17 yrs. of age, unmarried and a native of Westbrook. He was well liked by his associates, all of whom learned with the deepest regret of the accident. Deceased has been employed by the G. T. R. for 9 months. His wounds are composed as follows: Right leg taken off below the knee; both thighs and pelvis broken; a large flesh wound in the lower part of the back, which connects with the broken pelvis. A coroner's inquest was held this afternoon at the hospital. The body will be taken to Westbrook. Deceased was a tall fine looking young man and stood high in the estimation of his employees. "N"

Thanks to Richard Bredin for originally sending me this clip, though at the time we could not see how it tied in with Andrew's family because we were misled by the birth date given by FRG. In fact, calculating back from the dates and ages at death and the preceding census places Charles's birth between 4 Apr 1864 and 24 Feb 1865. This range includes the date originally given for Charles's death, 29 Jan 1865, while the date of birth was thought to be 25 Feb 1857, the same day and month as the actual death. These coincidences suggest that at some stage the family records of birth and death became confused and that Charles was born 29 Jan 1865, midway between Sarah Jane and William. For such a mistake to occur the death must have originally been noted with the year unclear or missing.

18 Feb 1884 Westbrook, Kingston, Ontario Birth register Olive Edith Mable Bridge dau. of Andrew & Mahala Ann AB: cooper
22 Apr 1890 Death Edna F. P. Bridge (FRG)
11 Jan 1891 Westbrook, Frontenac, Ontario Birth Gordon Harold Salem Bridge not registered? (BMB)
6 Apr 1891 Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario Census of Canada Andrew Bridge Cooper 61, b. England
Mahala Bridge wife 41, b. Ontario
Amos Bridge carpenter 36, b. England
Lucy Bridge 20, b. Ontario
Barton Bridge school teacher 18, b. Ontario
Fergus Bridge 12, b. Ontario
Florance Bridge 10, b. Ontario
Edith Bridge 7, b. Ontario
Hearld Bridge (sic) 3 mo., b. Ontario
Florance had died during the preceding 12 month period and so was still included. This follows the practice of the U.S. censuses rather than the English.
about 1896

A family portrait: Andrew and Mahala with (behind) Lucy, Fergus and Barton and (seated) Olive and Harold.

This comes from a print owned by Greg Bridge; LDW has another copy.

31 Mar 1901 Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario Census of Canada Andrew Bridge Apiarist 71, b. England
Mahala A Bridge wife 50, b. Ontario
Amos M Bridge carpenter, cooper 44, b. Ontario
Fergus R Bridge student 22, b. Ontario
Olive E M Bridge 17, b. Ontario
Harold S G Bridge 10, b. Ontario
This is the first mention of bee-keeping, though the interview quoted below suggests that he started in a large way around 1880. By 1891 he evidently had made it his main business.
ca. 1904 to Utica, New York Emigration Fergus Bridge (from US census)
1907 Utica, New York, USA Emigration His Kingston obituary says Andrew moved to the USA in 1907, which is confirmed by the date of immigration given for Mahala and Edith in the 1920 US Federal census. Edith was the only child still living with her parents. The Utica obituary also says Andrew settled at 1 Campbell Ave in 1908.
Surprisingly, neither Andrew nor Mahala can be found in the 1910 US Federal census. I have searched the images of the original census and found the returns for Cambell Avenue (actually then outside the Utica city boundary and therefore in Whitestown). A high proportion of the residents were either Polish or "Turkish-Syrian" immigrants employed at the nearby knitting mill. There is no trace of the Bridge family. They might have been visiting in Canada at the time but BMB assures me that they never returned while Andrew was alive.
In Utica Andrew gave an interview to the local paper, the Utica Daily Press, which was subsequently quoted in his obituary. He clearly believed in keeping busy:

I never lie down to rest in the daytime. When I get up in the morning I am up for all day. I painted my house this spring, two coats of paint, a large two-storey house. I mixed my paints, did the painting and handled the ladders without any help from any person. The work is there to show for itself.

My neighbours think it is a wonderful thing for a man of my age to be painting a cornice on the top of a 20-foot ladder on such a high house. It is not so wonderful to me. I can dance a breakdown yet about as well as ever I could. A strange man called on me a few days ago. I danced a breakdown for him. He told me I would live 20 years yet.

Well I don't know how long the good Lord wants me here on his earth, but I never felt more like living than I do at the present time. I have good health, good eyesight, can see to read and write letters without glasses.

I am running a small apiary. I am a professional beekeeper and have been keeping bees for 35 years. I ran a large apiary for 25 years, but have only done a small business here. I started with only nine hives this spring, but have taken over 1,400 pounds of honey from the nine hives and got two new swarms of bees. My 11 swarms have got their hives filled with honey for winter quarters. Beekeeping is a profitable business, the bees work for nothing and board themselves. The large amount of honey I am getting from my 11 hives cost me nothing, and it cost me nothing to winter. The bees have more honey in their hives than it will take to winter them.

This interview can be dated roughly to 1917, ten years after he moved to Utica since he says has only "done a small business here", by contrast to a large apiary for the previous 25 years in Canada.
7 Feb 1919 1 Campbell Ave., Yorkville, NY Death Andrew Bridge Obituary in the Utica Daily Press headlined "aged Yorkville man dies"
17 Apr 1919 Cataraqui Union cemetery, Kingston, Ontario Burial Andrew Bridge (Kingston obituary)
3 Jan 1920 1222 State St., Utica, NY US Federal Census, Oneida Co., SD14 ED161 #2A Edward H Gilbert head (and 2 young sons) 63, b. New York
Edith M Bridge milliner (Millinery Store) 35, b. Canada, imm. 1907, alien
Mahala Ann Bridge housekeeper 60, b. Canada, imm. 1907, alien
1920/1 According to Andrew's grandson, BMB, Mahala and Edith returned to Westbrook to live with Amos Martin Bridge.
17 Jan 1944 Death Mahala Ann Bridge bur. at Cataraqui, Ontario (FRG)
Children of Andrew & Elizabeth Bridge
Amos Martin 1856-1939
Three pictures of Amos (from LDW, Greg Bridge and BMB respectively), dating from around 1885, 1905 and 1918. Amos joined the Free Methodists and followed their practice of never wearing a tie. Besides keeping bees, he was a capable carpenter and made a pair of carved dining chairs as a wedding present for his half sister, Lucy. He never married and lived with Andrew and Mahala until they moved to Utica in 1907. Apparently he did not like living alone since in 1918 he persuaded his half brother Harold to join him with his wife and children. However in 1920 Mahala and Edith returned and Harold and family in turn moved to Utica.
The picture of Amos dated 1918 came from a double portrait photograph of him with Harold that I have cropped to show just Amos.
1 Jun 1911 Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario Census of Canada Amos Bridge head, unm., bee-keeper 55, b. Ont., Apr 1856
17 May 1939 Death Amos Bridge (FRG)
Mary Elizabeth 1852-1892
27 Dec 1877 Christ's Church, Cataraqui, Ontario Marriage register Mary Elizabeth Bridge, dau. of Andrew & Elizabeth & William Cooke, farmer, son of William & Hannah MEB: 19, b. Frontenac
WC: 25, b. Frontenac
21 Nov 1878 Kingston, Frontenac, Ont. Birth register Celia Viola Cooke dau. of William & Mary Elizabeth WC: farmer.
Informant: Andrew Bridge
  • Mary Elizabeth Bridge 1858-1892 m William Cooke 1850-1926
  • |>Elizabeth Cooke 1878-1978 m 1898 Andrew Lillis, 7 children
  • |>Charles Cooke 1881-1961 m 1922 Laura Roberts, 1899-1967, 4 ch.
  • |>Evelyn Cooke 1883-1962 m 1906 Arthur Couper 1883-1966, 3 ch including
  • |>|> Isabelle Couper 1908-? m 1936 F Ronald Gorrie 1912-?
  • |>Ada Cooke 1884-1969 m 1904 Charles Connell 1879-1971, 7 ch
  • |>|> Jean Connell 1913-? m 1943 George Ostroth 1917-?
  • |>Hannah Cooke 1886-1982 m 1908 James Carey 1883-1948, 8 ch
  • |>Georgena Cooke 1888-1967 m Thomas Thorburn 1891-1982, 1 ch
  • |>Andrew Cooke 1891-? m 1926 Mellie Maughan 1899-?, 3 ch

The descendants of William and Mary Elizabeth account for over half of the Bridge-Cooke family tree. One of their grand-daughters Jean Ostroth helped Dorcas Adsit draw up the original genealogy and another married FRG, whose data I have used here.

Wallace 1959-1898
The two pictures on the left show Wallace Bridge as a boy and at about 18. By contrast, the one on the right was originally identified as being of Oliver. Comparing the various photos, I feel that this was probably a mistake and this is actually another of Wallace, maybe about the date of his marriage.
21 Apr 1885 Frontenac, Ontario Marriage register Wallace Bridge
bach., labourer son of Andrew & Elizabeth
& Rebecca Geagh
dau. of Ethen & Rebecca
WGB: 24, b. Kingston, Ont.
RG:22, b. Alabama, USA
12 Apr 1898 Frontenac, Ontario Death register Wallace Bridge, farmer 38; kidney surgery in General Hospital Informant: James Third
bur. at Cataraqui (FRG)
According to FRG, this marriage produced two daughters but after Wallace's death his wife returned to New Hampshire and lost contact with the family. I have not been able to find any other records but RB states that Wallace was living in Alton, NH, 16 Jul 1894.
Oliver 1862-1942
Three pictures of Oliver, all from LDW. The third shows him with his daughter Eva (left) and half-sister Olive and probably dates from about 1905.

The left-hand image had no identification but bears a strong resemblance to the other two; note particularly the cleft chin in the first two. The centre picture comes from a tintype and so could well have been taken by a travelling photographer. The highly decorative background is not at all typical of a studio and the overcoat and beaver hat look like outdoor wear. Possibly the picture was taken in a fairground booth where the client just walked in and was photographed against a painted backdrop.

8 Feb 1893 Brantford, Ontario Marriage register Oliver Brydge & Emma Elsom
2 May 1894 Burford, Brant, Ontario Birth register Eva May Bridge dau. of Oliver & Emma Elsom OB: farmer
21 Oct 1900 Burford, Brant, Ontario Birth register Edith Maud Bridge dau. of Oliver C. & Emma Elsom OB: carpenter
31 Mar 1901 Burford, Oxford, Ontario Census of Canada Oliver Bridge carpenter, married 36, b. Ontario, 4 Jun 1864
Emily Bridge married 29, b. England, 5 Jun 1871
Eva May Bridge 6, b. Ontario, 2 May 1894
Edith M Bridge 6 mo., b. Ontario, 21 Oct 1900
1 Jun 1911 29 Hooke E., Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Census of Canada Oliver C Bridge building contractor, married 42, b. Ontario, 4 Jun 1868
Emily Bridge married 39, b. England, Jun 1871, imm. 1878
Eva May Bridge 17, b. Ontario, May 1894
Edith M Bridge 10, b. Ontario, Oct 1901
plus five "roomers"
Oliver was still living in Moose Jaw in 1919; in 1939 he was in Vancouver, BC (according to RB). This agrees with a note made by Dorcas Adsit on the back of the picture of Oliver with Olive and Eva: "Uncle Oliver Cromwell Bridge, British Columbia"
1 July 1942 Death Oliver C Bridge (FRG)
FRG says that both daughters married but Eva had no children; Edith had one, a boy.
Children of Andrew & Mahala Bridge
Lucy 1870-1950
28 Nov 1894 Westbrook, Frontenac, Ontario Marriage register Lucy A C Bridge, dau. of Andrew & Mahala Ann & Andrew Howie, farmer, son of Archibald & Jenett LAB: 24, b. Westbrook
AH: 24, b. Westbrook
31 Mar 1901 Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario Census of Canada Andrew Howie head, farmer 30, b. 18 Sep 1870, Ontario
Lucy Howie wife 30, b. 21 Jul 1870, Ont.
Dorcas Howie dau. 4, b. 29 Apr 1896, Ont.
Iva Howie dau. 3, b. 7 Feb 1898, Ont.
Loraine Howie dau. 8 mo., b. 14 Aug 1900, Ont.
  • Lucy Bridge m Andrew Howie 1870-1934
  • |>Dorcas Howie 1896-1978 m Leroy Adsit 1890-1982
  • |>Iva Howie 1898-1988 m 1926 Harold Folts 1904-1956, 2 children
  • |>Lorraine Howie 1900-1943 m 1920 Charles Card 1901-1949, 1 ch
  • |>Arlie Howie 1905-1986 m 1928 Thelma Collins 1901-1987
  • |>Noble Howie 1908-2003 m 1941 Evelyn Dillabough 1915-1996, 3 ch incl.
  • ||>Lona Dale Warner (LDW)
  • |>Harold Howie 1910-1939 m 1931 Mabel Marvin 1911-1958, 2 ch
Dorcas Adsit stored many of the family photographs and drew up progressively larger versions of the family tree, working with Jean Ostroth. Noble Howie checked the last versions of the "Bridge- Cooke family tree" typed up by FRG and Noble's daughter Lona Warner is now engaged in the task of preserving all the old photographs and as far as possible identifying the unknowns. The picture of the Howie family comes from this collection.
31 Oct 1950 Death Lucy A C Howie (FRG)
Family of Barton Bridge
Fergus 1878-1971
The picture of Fergus as a young man is from LDW.

On the right, Fergus and his wife Arlona; detail from a group photograph taken during a visit to Harold's family. At the time both Fergus and Harold were living in Utica, N.Y. (photo supplied by BMB)

31 Aug 1904 Utica, New York Marriage Fergus R Bridge & Arlona Ann Moore AAM b. 14 Apr 1887 (FRG)
25 Apr 1910 Whitesboro St., Utica, NY US Federal Census, Oneida Co., SD11 ED158 #13A Fergus R Bridge head, spare hand, Knitting mill 30, b. Canada, imm. 1903, alien
Arlona Bridge wife (mar. 4yr), milliner 22, b. New York
5 Jan 1920 Brayton Park Pl., Utica, NY US Federal Census, Oneida Co., SD14 ED177 #4A Fergus R Bridge head, knitter, Knitting mill 40, b. Canada, imm. 1904, nat. 1912
Arlona Bridge wife, (occupation: none) 32, b. New York
9 Apr 1930 Brayton Park Pl., Utica, NY US Federal Census, Oneida Co., SD33-139 ED4 #9A Fergus R Bridge head, knitter, Knitting mill 51, b. Canada, imm. 1902, nat. 1912
Arlona Bridge wife (occupation: none) 42, b. New York
20 Dec 1971 Death Fergus R Bridge (FRG)
Olive 1884-1968
Apr 1928 Marriage Olive E M Bridge & Ralph Higbe Field RHF b. 7 Jul 1865 (FRG)
FRG notes that it is said that Mr Field was a surveyor and spent two years in Brazil, surveying for a railroad. He used a Government stallion and had a pet monkey. He was a linguist and spoke and taught seven languages. He died in 1938; Olive lived another 30 years and was buried at Cataraqui.
Family of Harold Bridge