Family of Barton B Bridge M. D. of Kingston, Ontario and Albert City, Iowa, 1871-1945

A picture of Barton in academic hood and gown taken for his graduation in 1900 from Queen's University, Kingston, and a wedding picture showing him with his bride, Carrie Mayhew. Greg Bridge and LDW both sent copies of these.

Barton was the first son of Andrew Bridge and his second wife Mahala, of Westbrook, near Kingston, Ontario, where he grew up and went to college. He moved to the United States soon after graduating and practised medicine in Albert City, Iowa, for the rest of his life. FRG noted that Barton became a Mason, a member of the Za-Ga-Zig Shrine Temple, a Knight Templar and a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.

date location record name description note
29 Nov 1871 Westbrook Birth Barton Brewer Bridge son of Andrew and Mahala not registered (FRG)
29 Dec 1899 Westbrooke, Frontenac, Ontario Marriage register Barton Brewer Bridge, bach, medical student, son of Andrew and Mahala & Carrie Mayhew, spinster, dau. of Lucas and Martha BBB 28, b. Westbrooke
CM 22, b. Battersea, (b. 11 Jul 1877, FRG)
summer 1900 Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario Graduation Barton B Bridge M.D. (doctor of medicine) One of two gold medallists
The medal is now kept by Barton's great grandson, Thomas Bridge M.D.
18 Jun 1900 Pioneer Town, Weaver Township, Humboldt, Iowa US Federal Census, SD 10, ED 133, #13 Barton B Bridge boarder, mar., physician 28, b. Nov 1871, Canada (French).
imm. 1892, nat.
No mention of Carrie. The entries shown in italics were written in a slightly different script and the reference to French Canada (Quebec) is certainly wrong. The immigration date also conflicts with later returns and with family recollections.
24 Jul 1901 Albert City, Iowa Birth Floyd Curson Bridge son of Barton & Carrie (FRG)
8 Sep 1905 Albert City, Iowa Birth Barton Lloyd Bridge son of Barton & Carrie (FRG)
15/16 Apr 1910 Albert City, Buena Vista County, Fairfield, Iowa U.S. Federal Census, SD 11, ED 3, #1 Barton B Bridge Physician & Sur[geon] 38, b. Canada (English), imm. 1900, nat.
Carrie Bridge wife, mar. 10 yrs 32, b. Canada (English), imm. 1900
Floyd Curson Bridge son 8, b. Iowa
Barton Lloyd Bridge son 4, b. Iowa
11 Dec 1912 Albert City, Iowa Birth Amy Madeline Dorothea Bridge daughter of Barton & Carrie (FRG)
15/16 Jan 1920 Albert City, Fairfield, Buena Vista County, Iowa U.S. Federal Census, SD 11, ED 4, #10 Barton B Bridge medicine doctor 48, b. Canada, imm. 1900, nat. 1905
Carrie Bridge wife, mar. 20 yrs 42, b. Canada, imm. 1900, nat. 1905
Floyd Curson Bridge son 18, b. Iowa
Barton Lloyd Bridge son 14, b. Iowa
Madaline Bridge daughter 7, b. Iowa

Barton, prospering

Floyd and Lloyd

Barton, Floyd, Madeline, Lloyd and Carrie, about 1920

5 Dec 1945 Albert City, Iowa Death Carrie Bridge due to an accident when their car was involved in a head-on collision on an icy road (FRG)
23 Dec 1945 Albert City, Iowa Death Barton B Bridge
Madeline Bridge
Madeline obtained her B.A. from the University of Minnesota and M.A. from Columbia University, NY, and then taught in Junior High School for a number of years, before becoming a Navy Lieutenant.
17 Feb 1943 Albert City, Iowa Marriage Amy Madeline Dorothea Bridge & Robert Eugene Spragg RES b. 20 Aug 1901 (FRG)
A photograph in the Iowa Pilot Tribune shows her in her Naval uniform. The marriage produced two daughters. Robert Spragg died 1964
2 Oct 1976 Death Madeline Spragg Buried with full military honours, Storm Lake
Family of Floyd C Bridge of Storm Lake, Iowa, 1901-1998
date location record name description note
1923 University of Iowa Graduation Floyd Curson Bridge Doctor of Dental Surgery
15 Sep 1925 Sioux City, Iowa Marriage Floyd Curson Bridge & Lois Milicent Haas LMH b. 4 Aug 1899, Hudson, SD
1927-68 Storm Lake, Iowa Start of a distinguished career as a practising dentist.
21 Aug 1926 Storm Lake, Iowa Birth Barton Christian Bridge
27 Dec 1933 Sioux City, Iowa Birth John Floyd Bridge
1942-54 Storm Lake, Iowa Served on the Storm Lake Board of Education
7 Nov 1965 USA Section, International College of Dentists Elected as an Honorary Fellow, "in recognition of conspicuous services in the art and science of dentistry".
1968 Retired to Sun City, Arizona
1998 Death Floyd C Bridge
1990 Death Lois Bridge
  • Floyd Curson BRIDGE 1901-1998; m.1925 Lois Milicent HAAS 1899-1990
  • |-->Barton Christian BRIDGE 1926-1998; m.1948 Margaret Jane BATTS
  • ||-->John Barton BRIDGE b.1950; m.1973 Catherine Ann LYNCH
  • |||-->Carrie Penrose BRIDGE b.1983
  • ||--->Barton Thomas BRIDGE b.1985
  • |--->Thomas Arthur BRIDGE b.1952; m.1975 Beth Ann HAWES
  • ||-->Andrew Thomas BRIDGE b.1979
  • |--->Lauren Elizabeth BRIDGE b.1982
  • --->John Floyd BRIDGE 1933-1991
The picture of Floyd and Lois comes from BMB's collection and probably was taken during a visit to Harold's family in Utica. The portrait of Floyd comes from a newspaper cutting.
Family of B Lloyd Bridge of Iowa, 1905-1974

Lloyd aged about 14

Lloyd as a young man

Cleta Missildine

Lloyd Bridge taught high school science and coached in athletics in Iowa and Nebraska schools for 20 years, before changing career to sell life insurance and later managing his own real estate. He served two terms as Mayor of Storm Lake before dying at the start of a third term. At the memorial service remark was made of his infectious friendliness and humour and also his way of simplifying complicated problems so the public could understand them.

date location record name description note
1922 Albert City High School Graduation Awarded a 4 year scholarship at the University of Iowa as an honor graduate
1927 Univ. of Iowa Graduation Received B.A. degree (M.A. in 1937)
14 Jun 1931 Marriage Barton Lloyd Bridge & Cleta Amanda Missildine CAM b. 4 Aug 1907
13 Jun 1933 Birth Rollin Carl Bridge
4 Dec 1939 Birth Carolyn Jane Bridge
1943-5 Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio assigned as radio engineer to Signal Aircraft Maintenance section of the U.S. Signal Corps
26 May 1943 Birth Alan Lloyd Bridge
1958 Storm Lake Election Lloyd Bridge elected Mayor for 4 years
Nov 1969 Storm Lake Election Lloyd Bridge elected Mayor for 4 years
Nov 1973 Storm Lake Election Lloyd Bridge re-elected Mayor for 4 years
7 Dec 1974 Buena Vista County Hospital Death B Lloyd Bridge heart attack
27 Apr 1979 Death Cleta Bridge
  • Barton Lloyd BRIDGE 1905-1974; m.1931 Cleta Amanda MISSILDINE 1907-1979
  • |-->Rollin Carl BRIDGE 1933-1993; m.1955 Jo Ann SNIDER 1933-2003
  • ||-->Bonnie Ann BRIDGE b.1956; m.1975 Manuel James ATWOOD
  • ||-->Tracy Barton BRIDGE b.1958; m.1980 Chris Helene ROBINO
  • |||-->Tyler Barton BRIDGE b.1985
  • ||--->Andrew Christopher BRIDGE b.1988
  • |--->Gregory Rollin BRIDGE b.1961; m.1990 Susan Roberta SCHAD b.1960
  • ||-->Trevor Rollin BRIDGE b.1994
  • |--->Ethan Gregory BRIDGE b.1998
  • |-->Carolyn Jane BRIDGE b.1939; m.1961 Donald Gene WELLS
  • --->Alan Lloyd BRIDGE b.1943
Family of G Harold Bridge of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Utica, New York, 1891-1959
date location record name description note
11 Jan 1891 Birth Gordon Harold Salem Bridge son of Andrew and Mahala not registered? (BMB)
Harold's younger son, Barton Mont Bridge (BMB) has told me that Harold always referred to himself as G. Harold Bridge whereas his first son, also Gordon Harold, was known as Gordon H. Bridge. Barton sent me all the photographs in this section and also wrote:

Some interesting family lore about that time in his life. In his early teens he was not doing well in school and it was decided he should learn a trade. At age fourteen he was sent to Kingston to apprentice as a baker in a local bake shop. This lasted for about three years, when he thought he looked 18 years old, and deciding he learned all he need to know, he joined the Army. He was accepted and continued his career as a baker.

5 Sep 1907 Kingston, Ontario Attestation for CPASC Harold Bridge,
son of Andrew
baker. Military experience: 1yr camp with 4th Hussars age 18y 1mo, b. Westbrooke, Frontenac, Ont., single
CPASC = Canadian Permanent Army Service Corps, which would have provided catering and other services to the armed units. Harold was taken on as a baker. His age actually was 17 years and 9 months when he signed up. The physical description notes tattoos on chest, abdomen and left arm and fore-arm.

It is not clear what the "1 yr camp" refers to. It could not have been a claim to a full year's previous service since he would have been under age. More likely he may have spent one month at an annual summer camp, initially claiming to be 18, liked it and then signed up for 3 years. The attestation was countersigned by Major J Lister, commanding RCHAK = Royal Canadian Horse Artillery Kingston; the 4th Hussars were also based in Kingston.

The photograph (from BMB) shows Harold in his uniform as a Lance Corporal in the CPASC

1909 Attended the summer camp at Camp Petawawa. Since the photo of Harold is dated, it is clear that he had already joined the CPASC. The white uniform would have been worn by all those men working in the kitchens; the straps on the shoulders were not a mark of rank and the "Mountie" style hat was in common use in the Canadian armed forces since the 1890's.

The postcard view of the campsite is of similar age. The tented camp could only have been for summer use though Petawawa was a permanent military base.

14 Oct 1914 Halifax, Nova Scotia Marriage Harold G S Bridge & Evangeline Jeffery Mont dau. of John James and Jennie Thompson Mont EJM b. 18 Jan 1893, Kentville, Nova Scotia (BMB)
7 Aug 1915 Halifax, Nova Scotia Birth Gordon Harold Bridge (FRG)
14 Nov 1916 Halifax, Nova Scotia Birth Edith Marion Bridge (FRG)
16 Dec 1917 Halifax, Nova Scotia The city of Halifax was devastated by the huge detonation of the SS Mont-Blanc, a French cargo ship, fully loaded with wartime explosives, which accidentally collided with the Norwegian SS Imo in "The Narrows" section of the Halifax Harbour. About 2,000 people were killed and over 9,000 injured. The Halifax Explosion remains the world's largest man-made accidental explosion.
BMB wrote of this event:

[My parents] lived in Halifax when the munitions ship exploded in the harbor. Mother had scars on her face from the flying glass shards. They would talk about that often especially if someone asked about the scars. They would tell that the blast took out every window in the house except one. That one my little sister was in front of in her high chair. My brother was too young to remember it. As I think back that was probably the most exciting thing in their life. They lived a quiet life, never owned a car or a driver's licence. A baker's life in the "old days" was a six day work week, baking bread for the next day. Saturday was the only day off.

The photo (from Greg Bridge) shows the family the next year, with Marion close to two years old.

13 Nov 1918 Halifax, Nova Scotia Attestation for COEF Gordon Harold Bridge L.Cpl. in C.P.A.S.C., 10 yr 8mo service, baker b. 12-2-1890, Kingston, Ont.
wife Evangeline, 13 Creighton St.
COEF = Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force. The date of birth is ambiguous, since it could be read with either the month or the day first. Elsewhere on this document the dates are written in the European style with the day first, so it is more likely that 12-2-1890 meant 12 Feb 1890. In any case, it was wrong!

BMB has suggested that enlisting with the COEF was actually a device for terminating his service with the CPASC; the Expeditionary Force was to be disbanded at the conclusion of hostilities (11 Nov 1918) whereas the CPASC was permanent and Harold would have to serve his contracted time. (He originally signed up to serve for 3 years but that obviously had been renewed.) Harold's declaration was dated 8 Oct, the medical examination was dated 2 Nov and the magistrate signed on 13 Nov. Since the war was over, he was probably able to leave within a matter of days.

Nov 1918 and Apr 1919

Leaving the army was part of a planned move back to Kingston, to live with Harold's half-brother Amos and help with his bee-keeping business. The picture at left shows Marion sitting on one of the beehives; it must have been taken late 1918 since there is no winter snow and Marion died the next spring. BMB (who spent summer holidays in Westbrook as a boy) recognised the stone building as the workshop, originally a small house and presumably the one referred to by Lucy.

The second photo shows Marion and Gordon standing in the road in front of the Bridge homestead – the main road east from Toronto to Montreal! The snow still piled at the road side suggests a date of late April.

7 May 1919 Westbrook Death Edith Marion Bridge spinal meningitis (BMB)
According to BMB, the bee-keeping business was not as profitable as Amos had suggested, so Harold took work in a nearby quarry. The next year Mahala and Edith returned to Westbrook. Relationships became tense and Harold took up the suggestion of his brother Fergus to move to Utica.
6 Jan 1929 Utica, NY Birth Barton Mont Bridge (BMB)
4 Apr 1930 1005 Mathews Ave., Utica, NY US Federal Census, Oneida Co., SD33-138 ED3 #4A G Harold Bridge head, baker (mar. at 23) 39, b. Canada, imm. 1920, nat.
Eva Bridge wife (mar. at 21) 37, b. Canada, imm. 1921, nat.
Gordon Bridge son 14, b. Canada, imm. 1921, nat.
Barton Bridge son 1, b. New York
Harold with his sons Barton (BMB) and Gordon
  • Gordon Harold Salem BRIDGE 1891-1959; m.1914 Evangeline Jeffery MONT
  • |-->Gordon Harold BRIDGE 1915-2001; m.1945 Carrie Sarah SMITH
  • ||-->Sarah Jane BRIDGE b.1944; m.1967 William Albert SYLVESTER
  • |---> Bruce Neil BRIDGE b.1946; m.1967 Joan Elaine NEWELL
  • ||-->Scott Harvey BRIDGE b.1968
  • ||-->Tracey Joan BRIDGE b.1970
  • ||-->Marcia Kay BRIDGE b.1971
  • ||-->Travis Andrew BRIDGE b.1973
  • ||-->Ryan Edward BRIDGE b.1979
  • |--->Kayla Robin BRIDGE b.1983
  • --->Barton Mont BRIDGE b.1929; m.1951 Corinne Margaret MESSIER
  • |-->Elizabeth Louise BRIDGE b.1952; m.1974 Michael James ACKISON
  • |-->Robert James BRIDGE 1953-1977
  • |-->Patricia Jean BRIDGE b. 1955; m. 1979 Lawrence Alan GARNETT
  • --->Thomas Richard BRIDGE b.1958; m.1981 Lynn Marie HASKETT
  • |-->Tasha Christine BRIDGE b.1981
  • --->Christopher Robert BRIDGE b.1982

Gordon and Carrie Bridge

Barton and Corinne in 1974, with Thomas, Patricia, Elizabeth and Robert