Family of John Bridge of Headcorn, ca.1550-1605
date location record name description note
26 May 1577 Headcorn Baptism Anne dau. of John
24 Apr 1580 Headcorn Baptism John son of John
30 Jun 1583 Headcorn Baptism Henrie son of John
30 May 1589 Headcorn Burial wife of John Bridge Marie or Alice?
30 Jul 1589 Headcorn Marriage John Bridge & Florannce Goldsmyth
10 Jan 1605 Archdeaconry Court of Canterbury Will John Bridge Hedcorne husbandman
Marie first wife deceased
Florannce second wife goods, listed
After Florannce's death, her property to be divided between Harry and John
Harry son of John and Marie property from his mother and 20s p.a., 30s after Florannce's death
Anne dau. of John 40s, and 2/6d to each of her three children
John son of John, executor land in Smarden or elsewhere, and to pass to his sons
13 Apr 1605 ACC53, f271 Probate John Bridge Hedcorne
Possible references to the sons of John Bridge
5 Apr 1611 Headcorn Burial Joane Bridge dau. of John infant
14 Jul 1624 Headcorn Burial John Bridg
28 Mar 1613 Smarden Baptism John Bredge son of Henry
23 Jan 1614 CCC 42/246 Will of Gilbert Bridge Henry Bridge "kinsman" £10
Gilbert Bridge son of Henry all lands, after death of Thomasin
8 Feb 1615 Smarden Burial John Bridges son of Henry
3 Sep 1615 Smarden Baptism Alice Bridge dau. of Henry
1631 Egerton Bishop's Transcripts Henry Bridge sidesman made his mark (a swastika!)
1634 Egerton B.T. Henry Bridge churchwarden
1635-1652 Smarden Poor Law Henry Bridge of Egerton 20 ac
The accounts distinguish between landholders who lived in Smarden and "foreigners" who lived elsewhere - generally in a neighbouring parish. 1635 is the first year for which poor law records for Smarden survive; there are no surviving poor law accounts for Egerton before 1675. However, it is clear that Henry had close links with both parishes.

The Smarden poor rate entry for 1652 is marked "or the other occupiers", suggesting that Henry had died. (There are no records of Egerton burials for the years 1640-60.)

Henry seems to be the most likely person to be the father of John; John & Thomasin had their first child in 1653 so John must have been born before 1633 (earlier if he was previously married to Mildred). Henry called his first son John and following the boy's death could well have used the name again for a son born some time after 1615. However, there is no record of this in either Smarden or Egerton.

Various further references to "John Bridge"
date location record name description note
14 Jun 1584 Headcorn Marriage John Bridge & Alice Merchell
30 May 1589 Headcorn Burial wife of John Bridge
Possibly this is the John who also married Marie and Florannce? The dates fit, though the gaps are small.
26 Jun 1597 Headcorn Burial Emma Bridge wife of John
This has to be a different John, since Florannce was still alive.
9 July 1613 Biddenden Burial wife of John Bridge
7 Jun 1631 Biddenden Burial John Bridge the Elder
3 Mar 1632 Biddenden Burial wife of John Bridge
6 Mar 1632 ACC68/17 Probate Jane Bridge Biddenden no Bridge relatives named
1 Mar 1666 Biddenden Burial unbaptised son of John Bridges of Tenterden
23 Nov 1667 Biddenden Burial Bedy Bridge dau. of John of Tenterden
18 Jun 1676 Biddenden Burial unbaptised dau. of John Bridge of Tenterden