Family of Richard Bridge of Wittersham and Kingston, Ontario, 1799-1880

Richard Bridge

Sarah Bridge

Richard and Sarah Bridge emigrated to Canada with their family about 1842. Twenty years later they were clearly prospering, as these pictures suggest. Today there are many descendants spread across Canada and the United States, amongst them a great great grand-daughter Lona Dale Warner (LDW) who has recently sent me images of many original photographs, including these two. I am most grateful to her to be able to include them here.

One page survives of a letter in which Sarah's grand daughter Lucy described her grandmother's memories of life in the Kent village from which they came: I heard my grandmother say she sang in the choir, & that she could hear chimes ring while she was in her home & she used to sing them to me. She liked it there & they had a nice garden with pear trees & other fruit. She was sick in bed once she said & one of her little boys used to go and get pears for her.

Although emigration brought new opportunities, conditions in Kingston would have been considerably harsher than in Kent and the winters in particular would have been long and dreary with prolonged snow. A surviving great grandson, BMB describes the country round Kingston in the early 1940's: One thing that did impress me, even as a child, was the multitude of limestone outcroppings everywhere you look. In between the outcroppings vegetation would grow enough for grazing cows and offer room for a small garden. Apparently dairy farming was the main occupation as every village/hamlet would have a cheese factory. Westbrook had one! (free samples for visitors) Limestone was useful in building homes, there are many of them still there. Lucy's letter mentions Richard's family living in an old stone house, later used as a workshop and eventually demolished.

date location record name description note
Aug 1799 Birth Richard Bridge son of Simon (from baptism and death)
11 Feb 1821 Wittersham Baptism Richard Bridge "brought up as an Anabaptist" "in his 22nd year"
13 Oct 1823 Wittersham Marriage Richard Bridge & Sarah Martin both of Wittersham. Richard signed.
18 Dec 1825 Wittersham Baptism John Bridge son of Richard & Sarah
10 Nov 1826 Wittersham Burial John Bridge age 1 year
23 Dec 1827 Wittersham Baptism Simon Bridge son of Richard & Sarah
24 Jan 1830 Wittersham Baptism Andrew Bridge son of Richard & Sarah b. 18 Nov 1829 (FRG, 1901 census of Canada)
27 Nov 1831 Wittersham Baptism Amos Bridge son of Richard & Sarah b. 19 Oct (1901 Canada census)
2 Feb 1834 Wittersham Baptism Sarah Anne Bridge dau. of Richard & Sarah
20 Nov 1834 Wittersham Burial Simon Bridge age 6
6 Mar 1836 Wittersham Baptism Mary Bridge dau. of Richard & Sarah
Almost certainly, Andrew and Amos would have attended the "Free School" in Wittersham. There is a plaque in the church which reads:

THE FREE SCHOOL OF WITTERSHAM was founded A.D. 1820 by the Rev. William CORNWALLIS and MARY his wife. in memory of their grandson JAMES CORNWALLIS TRIMMER. _for the benefit of all boys above seven years old the children of labourers resident in the Parish: who are entitled to five years instruction therein. and four years more at the night school. as stated in the deed of endowment.
The said founders give 18 acres 0 rods 13 perch of Marshland situate near Smallhythe and known by the name of the sixteenacres. for this purpose: the rents to be administered by five Trustees: viz. the Rectors of Wittersham. Biddenden. and Beckley. and the two Churchwardens of Wittersham: who are required to relet the land by tender once in twenty one years at least. and to give public notice thereof as directed in the said deed: and the said deed or a copy of it is required to be read in the church by the Minister every year after evening prayers on Whit Sunday.
Four fifths of the yearly rent are to be paid to the Master and a fifth to be reserved
A public examination is to take place about. or before, midsummer, when the accounts are to be settled and the rewards given to the boys as directed in the deed.
The master must be a sound member of the of Church England. and the children are required to attend Divine Service with him at the parish church. and are to be further instructed according to the Founders directions._None of the Trustees. nor the Minister of the Parish nor any person who has received parish relief shall be elected Master
Should any of the regulations made in the said deed not be complied with, the inhabitants are required to make complaint to the Archbishop of Canterbury. who is empowered to remedy all abuses.
The original deed is lodged in the iron chest of the Parish of Wittersham: it is also enrolled in the Court of Chancery. and Copies of it are lodged with the Rectors of Biddenden and Beckley and with the School Master

3 Jun 1838 Wittersham Baptism Cornelius Bridge son of Richard & Sarah b. 1 Apr (1901 Canada census)
27 Nov 1840 Wittersham Birth Martha Bridge dau. of Richard & Sarah (date from Roger Bredin)
6 Jun 1841 Wittersham Census HO107 479.20/36 p2 Richard Bridge Agr. Lab 40, b. Kent
Sarah Bridge 35, b. Kent
Andrew Bridge 11, b. Kent
Amos Bridge 9, b. Kent
Sarah Bridge 7, b. Kent
Mary Bridge 5, b. Kent
Cornelius Bridge 3, b. Kent
Martha Bridge 6 mo, b. Kent
1841 Some time after the census Richard emigrated with his family to Kingston, Ontario, in Canada. (The date is based on the year of immigration given by Andrew in the 1901 census.) Lucy Bridge noted that when they first arrived in Ontario, the family stayed with a Mr. Orens who kept a feed store near the market in Kingston.
1843 Kingston, Ontario Birth Victoria Jane Bridge dau. of of Richard & Sarah (Roger Bredin)
1851/2 Kingston, Frontenac Agric. Census of Canada West Richard Bridge 160 ac (120 ac under crops) Concession I, lot 5

Canada West (later named Ontario) was divided into counties (like Frontenac and Brant) which in turn were subdivided into "townships"; these were geographical units and might or might not contain a population centre corresponding to an English "town". In particular, the township of Kingston contained the city of Kingston as well as the separate villages of Collins Bay, Westbrook, Cataraqui and several others. In general, on this page location refers to the township and county.

The townships themselves were divided into "concessions", strips about a mile wide running straight across the map, in turn sliced into "lots" of varying widths. In 1851 Richard's lot lay on the south side of the road through the village of Collins Bay, due west of the city of Kingston. On the Kingston map of 1878, this lot is divided into two with a southern part of 160 acres, matching Richard's holding. In the 1851 census, the rest of the lot together with lot 4 is held by Calvin Day, which same name appears on the 1878 map for the holder of part of lot 4, while Sydney W. Day has the 160ac parcel in lot 5.

Not all of the pages of the 1851 census have survived and the Personal census for concession 1 is very short and does not include Richard or any of his family. Andrew had left home to work in Burford and Sarah Ann and Mary are found in a different part of Kingston. The pages show the name of the enumerator but no date; much of the work was done in 1852. Also, ages were recorded for next birthday, so I have deducted one. The results are correct for the girls ages in 1852.

1851/2 Kingston, Frontenac Census of Canada West Josiah Lamkins Widower, Tavern keeper 71, b. USA
Sarah Ann Bridge 18, b. England
Mary Bridge 16, b. England
14 Jan 1861 Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario Census: Canada West Rd Bridge Farmer 60, b. England
Sarah Bridge wife 55, b. England
Corneilus Bridge 21, b. England
Martha Bridge 19, b. England
Ages originally recorded for next birthday so reduced by one.
The accompanying Agricultural census shows Richard to have a farm of 300 acres, valued at $10000. Of this 200ac was woodland, 50ac under crops and 25ac pasture. Clearly this was a much better outcome than he could have expected had he remained in England.

The census shows Richard to be sharing a large lot, not numbered but apparently at the far western end of concession II, across Collins Creek. The lot was described simply as "one square mile" (= 640 ac) and Richard's holding of 300ac can tentatively be identified with that of D E Grass shown on the map of 1878, lying on the south side of the road to Westbrook.

about 1860, judging by appearance Original photograph of Richard Bridge owned and scanned by Greg Bridge

(The original is very faded but I have enhanced the contrast as far as possible.)

He does not seem to be in working clothes but the photographer clearly did not use studio props or pose his subjects! The full picture shows the edge of the backdrop, which seems to be a coarse woven material such as was used for screens at windows and doors.

On the back of the picture are written his dates of birth and death

2 Apr 1871 Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario Census of Canada Richard Bridge Farmer, married 73, b. England
Sarah Bridge married (wife) 67, b. England
Corneilus Bridge Farmer 33, b. England
Roda Bridge 12, b. Ontario
Sarah Bridge 8, b. Ontario
Charles Bridge 6, b. Ontario
Sarah and Charles were the youngest surviving children of Andrew and Elizabeth. Rhoda is a mystery! However, she seems to have stayed in Westbrook until marrying five years later.
18 Apr 1876 Westbrook, Kingston, Ontario Marriage register Rhoda Bridge daughter of James & Sarah Bridge & William Henry Ewings, bach., farmer, son of Charles & Ellen Ewings RB: 17, b. Kingston township
WHE: 27, b. Dengal (= Donegal), Ireland
witnesses: Amos and Mary Bridge

This raises a considerable puzzle, because although Richard had an elder brother James, he did not emigrate. So far as I can tell from the censuses, there was no James Bridge living in Ontario who could be Rhoda's father. However, Richard's daughter Sarah did marry James Johnston, two or three years after Rhoda's birth. Possibly Rhoda was Sarah's daughter and maybe also James's. This would certainly explain why she lived with her grandparents.

The witnesses to the marriage must have been Andrew's first son Amos and Andrew's eldest daughter Mary Elizabeth.

3 May 1880 Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario Death Register Richard Bridge born Kent, England Farmer, age 80 yr 7 mo
Church of England
16 Apr 1888 Kingston, Ontario Death Sarah Bridge (FRG)
Daughters of Richard Bridge
Sarah Anne 1834 - 1919
24 Nov 1860 Frontenac, Ontario Marriage register Sarah Bridge dau. of Richard & Sarah & James W Johnston son of George & Ruth SB: 26, b. England
JWJ: 37, b. Niagara, Ontario
2 Apr 1871 Camden, Addington, Ontario Census of Canada James Johnston farmer, married 48, b. Ontario (Irish)
Sarah Johnston married 37, b. England
Alberta Johnston in school 8, b. Ontario
Victoria Johnston 6, b. Ontario
Bartlett Johnston 4, b. Ontario
Sarah was generally known as Sarah Jane, though baptised Sarah Anne. She died in 1919 shortly after her brother Andrew and his Kingston obituary states she was then living in Salamanca, New York.
Mary 1836 - ?
Mary and her older sister Sarah were both recorded in the 1851 census as living with (working for, presumably) Josiah Lamkins, a tavern keeper in Kingston. Roger Bredin believes she married a man called Wilson. However, the letter in which Lucy Howie mentions the old stone house in Westbrook also states that Mary died there (though not when), which makes it appear rather more likely that she was unmarried. I cannot find any further trace of her in the records available on-line.
Martha 1840 - 1902
18 Apr 1865 Kingston, Frontenac Marriage Martha Bridge & John Boulton RWB
  • Martha Bridge & John Boulton
  • +>Elizabeth 1866-1925, m 1888 Joseph Morton: 12 children including
  • |Dorothy, 1908-1985, m 1931 Edward Bredin, 6 ch.
  • |+>grandson Roger William Bredin
  • +>Eva 1872-1956, m 1894 James Kemp: 10 children
  • +>George 1874-1927, m Emily Owens: 4 ch.
  • +>Emily 1876-1926, m 1890 Charles Kemp: 6 ch.
  • +>Florence 1878-1957 m 1900 Thomas Kemp: 3 ch.
  • +>+>great grandson David Richard Cross
  • +>Hanlon 1880-1942 m Elizabeth Campbell: 5 ch.
  • +>Euphemia 1883-1921, m John Hamilton: 4 ch.

Roger Bredin (who was my first contact with Richard Bridge's descendants in North America) sent me a large file with details of most of Richard's descendants. (Information from him is marked RWB.) Dave Cross (DRC) has also supplied information and more recently some scans of old photos, notably this one of Martha with her husband and family.

Victoria 1843 - 1928
25 Dec 1862 Waterloo, Frontenac, Ontario Marriage register Victoria Bridge dau. of Richard & Sarah & George Jon son of Thomas & Sarah VB: 18, b. Kingston, Ontario
GJ: 25, b. England
Victoria Victoria Sutch
  • Victoria Bridge & George Ion 1838-1881
  • +>Sarah 1865-1946, m.James Lake, 7 children
  • +>John, ca.1866-?
  • +>Christopher, ca.1868-1899, m 1889 Annie Brown, 2 ch.
  • +>Amos I Bridge, 1869-ca.1960, m 1895 Elizabeth MacDonald, 4 ch.
  • +>Ada ca.1875-?, m 1900 Wilkie C Barber

The striking picture of the newly-wed couple was labeled Amos Bridge Ion and Lida, though the name in the register of marriage is Lila. The parents were living in Toronto and appear in the 1891 census with a family that includes a slightly older daughter Elizabeth, often shortened to Liza.

13 Jul 1881 Brantford, Brant, Ontario Death Register George Ion Teamster, age 43, b. England. Consumption Informant: Michael Ion. No physician
27 Sep 1890 Brantford, Brant, Ontario Marriage register Victoria Ion, widow, dau. of Richard & Sarah Bridge Frederick Sutch, widower, blacksmith, son of Wm. & Mary VI: 46, b. Kingston, Ontario
FS: 40, b. England
Frederick died in 1919, Victoria 19/12/1928. Both are buried in the Mount Hope cemetery , Brantford (FRG)

Family of Andrew Bridge

Family of Amos Bridge of Brantford, Ontario, 1830-1920

These pictures of Amos and his wife Jennie come from LDW's collection and probably date from about 1865. Amos, like his elder brother Andrew, was born in England and came to Canada in 1841, when he was 10. He seems to have settled in the Brantford area and remained there all his adult life, working as a school teacher.

The picture on the right, also from LDW, was not identified but was taken by a Brantford photographer and so probably shows the two oldest children, Alberta and Edith. A later picture of Edith shows that she resembled her mother in having widely spaced eyes and this feature seems to me to be present even in the young girl.

date location record name description note
9 Sep 1858 Oxford Co., Ontario Marriage register Amos Bridge
son of Richard & Sarah
& Jane Brown
dau. of Isaiah
AB 26, resident in Bowesville
JB 21
14 Jan 1861 Brantford, Brant, Canada West Census: Canada West Ames Bridge "scool teacher" 28, b. England
Jane Bridge wife 24, b. New Brunswick
C A Bridge boy 1, b. Canada West
2 Apr 1871 Burford, Brant, Ontario Census of Canada Ames Bridge school teacher 40, b. England
Jane Bridge wife 25, b. New Brunswick
Burter Bridge F(emale) 8, b. Ontario
Albertee Bridge F 6, b. Ontario
Clarance Bridge F (!) 4, b. Ontario
Ernest Bridge M 3, b. Ontario

This information seems to be thoroughly garbled! Amos and Mary Jane did have four children who married and from the dates/ages in the marriage records the names and ages of the children in 1871 should have been shown as:

  • Alberta, 10-11
  • Edith, 8
  • Ernest, 6
  • Clarence, 4

By 1881 Alberta was married and the other three appear in the correct order. The boy shown in the 1861 census seems to have died, unless once again the sex was recorded wrongly and the child was actually Alberta. Her date of birth is noted as 27 Apr 1859 in the 1901 census, though the age on the registration of marriage would put her birth a year later. Either way one would expect her to have been in the 1861 census.

The apparent moves between Burford and Brantford probably arise from the way the census was organised; Burford is much smaller than neighbouring Brantford.

4 Apr 1881 Brantford, Brant, Ontario Census of Canada Ames Bridge school teacher 47, b. England
Mary Jane Bridge wife 43, b. New Brunswick (Scottish)
Edith school teacher 19
Ernest E Bridge 16, b. Ontario
Clarance M Bridge 14, b. Ontario
1889 Burford twp., Brant, Ontario List of Voters Amos Bridge teacher, tenant Conc. 14, N. half of Lot 12
6 Apr 1891 Brantford, Brant, Ontario Census of Canada Ames Bridge Public school teacher 59, b. England
Jenny Bridge wife 54, b. New Brunswick
Clarence Bridge son, labourer 24, b. Ontario
1894 201 Terrace Hill (north side), Brantford Brantford City Directory Amos Bridge Amos' nephew Amos Ion lived 2 houses away.
31 Mar 1901 Brantford, Brant, Ontario Census of Canada Amos Bridge retired school teacher 69, b. England, 19 Oct 1831
Mary J Bridge wife 63, b. New Brunswick, 10 Aug 1837
Edith M Bridge grand-child 12, b. Ontario, 19 May 1888
Ernest E Bridge grand-child 11, b. Ontario, 20 Oct 1889
By this time Ernest senior had remarried and was living in Detroit with his second wife and their children, seemingly having left the first two behind.
1921 Greenwood cemetery, Brantford Burial Amos Bridge
Children of Amos Bridge
28 Feb 1881 Brant, Ontario Marriage register Alberta Bridge
dau. of Amos & Mary
& Albert E McWebb
son of George
AB 20, b. in Brantford
AEMcW 26, b. in Brantford
Jul 1886 Ontario Birth George McWebb son of Albert & Alberta from census and death
13 Aug 1887 Brantford, Brant, Ontario Birth register Hattie Dell McWebb dau. of Albert & Alberta
9 Apr 1891 South Brant, Ontario Census of Canada Albert McWebb farmer 37, b. Ont., f. b. England
Alberta McWebb wife 30, b. Ontario
George McWebb son 5, b. Ontario
Dell McWebb daughter 3, b. Ontario
29 Jun 1894 Brantford, Brant, Ontario Death register George McWebb 8y 11mo., inflammation of the lungs (1 mo.) informant: Amos Bridge
31 Mar 1901 South Brant, Ontario Census of Canada Albert McWebb wood work machinist (earning $450 p.a.) 42, b. 15 Apr 1856, Ontario
Alberta McWebb wife 41, b. 27 Apr 1859, Ontario
Della McWebb daughter 13, b. 13 Aug 1887, Ontario
28 Dec 1886 Brant, Ontario Marriage register Edith J Bridge
dau. of Amos & Jennie
& William H. Hammond
son of William & Fanny
EJB 24, b. Brant
WHH 26, b. Port Dover
30 Jun 1887 Wentworth, Ontario Marriage register Ernest Edwd Bridge
son of Amos & Mary
& Maggie Stapleton
dau. of Andrew & Elizabeth
EEB 22, b. Burford
MS 23, b. Langford
19 May 1888 Brantford, Brant, Ontario Birth register Florence Edith Alberta Bridge dau. of Ernest E & Maggie stovemounter
9 Apr 1891 South Brant, Ontario Census of Canada Earnest E Bridge stove mounter 25, b. Ont., f. b. England
Maggie Bridge wife 26, b. Ontario
Florence E A Bridge daughter 2, b. Ontario
Earnest E Bridge son 1, b. Ontario
17 May 1891 Brantford, Brant, Ontario Death register Maggie Bridges wife of machinist inflammation of the bowels (5 days)
25 Dec 1895 Windsor, Essex, Ontario Marriage register Ernest E Bridge wdr., inspector
son of Amos & Mary J Browne
& Lilly Taggart, s
dau. of Jacob & Orillia
EEB 31, b. Burford, res. Detroit
LT 26, b. Brantford, res. Detroit
5 Jun 1900 Detroit, Michigan, USA US Census
SD 116, ED 177, sheet 325
Ernest Bridge stove mounter 35, b. Canada, f. b. England
Lillian Bridge wife 30, b. Canada
Grace Bridge daughter 11, b. Canada
Melbourne Bridge son 4, b. Canada
Vira Bridge daughter 2, b. Michigan
Grace was the daughter of George Tainsh, whom Lillian married on 7 Dec 1889, after Grace's birth. Despite this, she was recorded as unmarried when she married Ernest. I don't know what became of George.
31 Dec 1921 Elgin, Ontario Marriage register Ernest Edward Bridge Jr.
son of Ernest E Sr. & Maggie Stapleton
& Ethel Margaret Montgomery
dau. of Charles & Sophia
EEB 32, b. Brantford
EMM 23, b. Minnesota, USA
6 Apr 1907 Brant, Ontario Marriage register Edith Bridge
dau. of Ernest & Maggie
& Frederick Faerbend
son of Fredk. Wm. & Emma
EB 19
FF 23, b. in Detroit
In the 1900 US census, Frederick (age 18) is living with his German parents in Detroit. The family name then was recorded as Feierabend.
21 Jan 1920 Dover, Otsego, Michigan US Federal Census SD10 ED306 #5B Fred Fierabend manager, fox farm 37, b. Michigan (par. German)
Edith A Fierabend wife 31, b. Canada
Gleen Fierabend son 7, b. Michigan
Edith M Fierabend daughter 9, b. Michigan
16 May 1900 Woodhouse, N. Norfolk, Ontario Marriage register Clarence M Bridges
car examiner, son of Amas & Mary Jane
& Berthis Trinder
dau. of Richard & Margeret
CMB 32, res. Harrisburg
BT 25, res. Woodhouse
4-8 Apr 1901 Brant, Ontario Census of Canada Clarence Bridge car examiner, $500 p.a. 33, b. Ontario, 14 Aug 1867
Bertha Bridge wife 26, b. Ontario, 17 Jul 1874
8 Jul 1901 Brant, Ontario Birth register Marjorie Ethel Bridge dau. of Clarence & Bertha
7 Aug 1908 Simcoe, Norfolk, Ontario Death register Gordon Melbourne Bridge, infant son of Clarence M. typhoid fever
1 Feb 1909 53 Terrace Hill St., Brantford, Brant, Ontario Birth register Muriel Trinder Bridge dau. of Clarence & Bertha car examiner
22 Sep 1909 Brantford, Brant, Ontario Death register Clarence Melbourne Bridge, car inspector son of Amos & Mary Jane Browne b. 14 Aug 1869
The medical certificate records that he was "crushed beneath engine no. 477 on G.T.R., head and internal injuries" and lived 3 hours
Family of Cornelius Bridge of Kingston, Ontario, 1838-19..
According to Roger Bredin, Cornelius was a farmer and bee keeper, living near Collins Bay (which is on the southern edge of Kingston) before retiring to Hamilton. His niece Sarah Jane (Andrew's daughter) lived with him, apparently earning her keep as a domestic servant.
date location record name description note
6 Nov 1877 Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario Marriage Cornelius Bridge, bach., farmer, son of Richard & Sarah & Mary Jane Hyland, dau. of Robert Hyland & Mana Free CB: 39, b. England
MJH: 22, b. Kingston, Ontario
4 Apr 1881 Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario Census of Canada Corneilus Brige head, farmer 42, b. England
Mary Brige 26, b. Ontario
Elston Brige 2, b. Ontario
Sarah Bridge servant 17, b. Ontario
31 Mar 1901 Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario Census of Canada Cornelious Bridge head, farmer 59, b. England, 1 Apr 1841
Mary Bridge wife 44, b. Ontario, 18 Oct 1857
Elston F Bridge son, farmer's son 22, b. Ontario, 28 Nov 1879
Hazel F Bridge daughter 13, b. Ontario, 26 Jul 1888
Sarah Bridge neas 33, b. Ontario, 10 Aug 1868
Sarah was actually born on 10 Aug 1863; this could easily be a transcription error. Her age was first written as 35 and then amended to 33, consistent with the birth date shown, though she was actually 37 at the time of the census.
26 Apr 1911 Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario Marriage register Hazel Gertrude Bridge, spinster, bookkeeper, dau. of Cornelius & Mary Jane & Samuel James Gardiner, bach., brakeman, son of Schbod & Annie HGB: 23, of Collins Bay, Ont.
JA: 25, of Trenton, Ont.
7 Mar 1917 Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario Marriage register George Elston Bridge, bach., farmer, son of Cornelius & Mary Jane & Jessie Asselstine, spinster, dau. of John & Merinda GEB: 37, b. Kingston, Ont.
JA: 25, b. Kingston, Ont.
21 May 1919 15 Alexander St., Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario Death register Sarah Jane Bridge, single, house duties dau. of Andrew & Elizabeth 56, b. Westbrooke
peritonitis (1 wk)
informant: Mrs. Cornelius Bridge
FRG quotes Noble Howie as saying he had found an obituary notice in an old scrap book kept by his mother (Lucy Bridge):

Miss Sarah Jane Bridge, daughter of the late Andrew Bridge ... passed away at the home of her uncle, Cornelius Bridge, 15 Alexander St., Hamilton. Deceased was born in Westbrooke fifty-six years ago and had been a resident of Hamilton for the past three years. Surviving are two sisters and her Aunt and Uncle Mr. and Mrs. Bridge, with whom she made her home for many Years.

27 Nov 1919 15 Alexander St., Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario Death register Cornelius Bridge, retired 83, b. England
pneumonia (6 days)
informant: Mrs. Bridge