Family of John Bridge of Egerton
date location record name description note
John probably was born about 1460.
8 Oct 1523 CCC 15/56 Will John Bridge of Egerton "the Elder" 
John Bridge son of John lands in Smarden
Richard Bridge son of John lands in Egerton
This seems to be the origin of two parallel lines of descent.
26 Jan 1528 CCC 15/56 Probate John Bridge  
Family of Richard Bridge of Egerton
date location record name description note
Richard probably was born about 1500.
20 May 1556 CCC 26/113 Will Richard Bridge of Egerton evidently the son of John. 
Iden wife and executor residue of goods,
lands for life
Abell Bridge son all lands
Gilbert Bridge son income from Richard
Martha Bridge daughter £10
It is very striking that two brothers Gilbert and Abell Bridge made wills in 1614 and 1622. Clearly they were descendants; it is possible that they actually were Richard's sons, if he died while they were still young. Alternatively, they might be his grandsons.
14 Jul 1556 CCC 42/246 Probate Richard Bridge  
Family of Gilbert Bridge of Egerton
date location record name description note
Gilbert probably was born 1570-80.
23 Jan 1614 CCC 42/246 Will Gilbert Bridge of Egerton  
Thomasin wife and executor residue of goods,
lands for life
Abell Bridge brother 5s
Thomas Bridge son of Abell 5s
Henry Bridge "kinsman" £10
Gilbert Bridge son of Henry all lands, after death of Thomasin
Could this be Henry son of John? How old is his son Gilbert?
25 Feb 1614 CCC 42/246 Probate Gilbert Bridge followed by litigation
27 Sep 1614 Egerton BT Marriage George Austen & Tomzen Bridge  
Family of Abell Bridge of Egerton
date location record name description note
Abell probably was born 1570 and his son Thomas around 1595. There are no surviving records for Egerton for this period.
6 Dec 1618 Egerton BT Baptism Abell Bridge son of Thomas (grandson of Abell) 
18 Jul 1619 Egerton BT Baptism Joane Bridge dau. of Thomas  
These baptisms are too close together: Joane could not have been two months premature: she would not have survived. Abell's baptism must have been delayed for some reason.
23 Apr 1620 Staplehurst Baptism Thomas Bridge son of Thomas coincidence?
10 Sep 1622 CCC 45/289 Will Thomas Bridge Egerton wife Ellinor
Abell Bridge son £100 at full age
Johan Bridge daughter £200
Thomas Bridge son £200
- Nov 1622 Egerton BT Burial Thomas Bridge    
20 Nov 1622 CCC 45/309 Will Abell Bridge Egerton wife Joane
Anne Eden daughter wife of Richard
Thomas Bridge son of Abell  
Thomas Bridge grandson  
22 Jan 1623 Egerton BT Burial Abell Bridge    
? Jan 1623 CCC 45/289 Probate Thomas Bridge    
? May 1623 CCC 45/309 Probate Abell Bridge    
9 Dec 1623 Egerton BT Marriage Hellen Bridge (widow) & Walter Mund at Canterbury, by licence
There are no Egerton registers surviving for this period and only one series of bishop's transcripts, since the parish came under the direct supervision of the consistory (bishop's) court and so did not make returns to the archdeacon. Even this one series of records is patchy, with no returns for 1613, 1616 or 1621 (and virtually nothing before 1600), so Thomas junior could have been born in any of these years, or in another parish. Assuming he is similar in age to the other two children, he could not be the Thomas who married Ann in 1630 in Smarden, described below, though he could be the Thomas junior who appeared briefly in the Smarden poor rate records in 1637.
Family of Robert Bridge of Smarden
date location record name description note
21 Nov 1602 Smarden Baptism George Bredge son of Robet  
28 Jan 1603 ACC 53/160 Will Robert Brege of Smarden  
George son half share when of age
Thomas son half share
Susan wife profits until George of age
30 Jan 1603 Smarden Burial Robert Bredg    
19 Feb 1604 Smarden Burial Margaret Brig dau. of Robet  
25 Oct 1610 Smarden Burial George Bridge son of Robte  
It is not clear how or whether this family is connected to others of the same name. The fact that Susan was to receive the profits until George came of age suggests that Thomas was the younger son in which case he can be identified with the Thomas who married in 1630, by which time he would have inherited the whole property.
Family of Thomas Bridge of Smarden
date location record name description note
7 Nov 1630 Smarden Marriage Thomas Bridge & Ann Stonistreete son of Robert?
1630... Smarden Poor rate Thomas Bridge   6 ac
29 Jan 1632 Smarden Baptism Elizabeth Bridge dau. of Thomas  
10 Jan 1636 Smarden Baptism John Bridge son of Thomas  
Another John! again, too young to be identified with John husband of Thomasine since their first recorded son was born in 1653. However, he could be the father of Stephen (b. ca.1671) though for this to be convincing, there should be some further evidence of his living in the district. In fact, the Poor law records show only this Thomas (up to 1664) and, 16 years later in 1680, John Bridge as a new occupier.
27 Apr 1637 Smarden Poor rate Thomas Bridge junior 8 ac
Both Thomases appear in this list and also in the one for 24 Oct but Thomas Jnr does not appear thereafter. He could be the grandson of Abell Bridge
25 Aug 1639 Smarden Poor law Goodman Bridge for keeping his mother 3s (for 6 weeks)
This is the first of several similar entries, the last in 1641. Assuming that Thomas was Robert's son, these entries refer to Susan, who would by then have been in her mid sixties. Note that "Goodman" is not his name but a form of address popular at this time.
27 Dec 1640 Smarden Baptism Mary Bridge dau. of Thomas & Anne
5 Oct 1652 Smarden Poor rate Thomas Bridge rate now based on rent of £4
1653-1664 Smarden Poor rate Thomas Bridge   rent £3
1664 Barklay hundred Hearth tax Thomas Bridge of Omenden borough 2, chargeable
30 Oct 1664 Smarden Marriage Mary Bridge & Richard Fossee Thomas's dau. ?
21 Dec 1664 Smarden Poor rate widow Bridge (no further entries) rent £3