Descendants of George Bridge in North America

Photographs of George Bridge and his children

photographs made available by Don Bridge

George Bridge with children and grandchildren, 1900

(behind, from left) Martha Given, Charles Bridge, George and Mary Anne Bridge, Clara Johnson, Mary E Bridge (Charles' wife), Jim Given;
(in front)Marguerite Bridge, George Given, Harry Bridge, Earl and Miriam Johnson, (blurred) Florence Bridge, fainting from the heat, Inez Johnson, Virginia Wanzer.

photo taken by Josh Given (Martha's husband)

George Bridge, about 1870 Mary Anne Checksfield Bridge.

George with a large load of grandchildren, Elgin, 1900

Henry and Ella Bridge with Raymond and baby Russell

Raymond and Russell

Henry and Ella Bridge with their children, Grace, Russell, Raymond and Everett

Raymond Bridge with his bride, Myra Richards, married 2 Jun 1917

Raymond and Myra with Richard and Ethel, Chicago, 1931