In dei nomine Amen vto die mensis Marcii Anno domini millesimo Diiijto In the name of God Amen 5th day of the month of March AD 1504/5
Ego Johannes Brigges de Hedcron compos mentis saneque memorie existens condo testamentum meum in hunc modum I John Brigges of Hedcron composed in mind and being of sound memory do make my testament in this fashion
In primis commendo animam meam deo omnipotenti beateque marie ac omnibus sanctis celi corpusque meum sepeliendum in cimiterio ecclesie appostolorum petri et pauli de hedcron predicto First I comment my soul to almighty God and the blessed Mary and all the saints in heaven and my body to be buried in the cemetery of the church of the apostles Peter and Paul in Hedcron aforesaid
Item lego summo ibidem pro decimis meis oblitis iiij d Item I leave the high (altar) for my tithes forgotten 4d
Item lego lumini sancti petri ibidem iiij d Item I leave the light of St Peter 4d
Item lego lumini beate marie iiij d Item I leave the light of the blessed Mary 4d
Residuum vero omnium bonorum meorum mobilium & catallorum superius non legatorum debitis legatis et funeralibus meis expensis persolutis et perimpletis do et lego Isabelle Uxori mee quam quidem Isabellam facio ordino & constituo huius testamenti mei meam executricem The residue in truth of all my movable goods and chattels not bequeathed above, debts, legacies and my funeral expenses being settled and paid in full, I give and bequeath to Isabelle my wife which same Isabelle I make ordain and constitute by this my testament my executrix
hiis testibus Johanne hamori Thoma Bregge Nicholo Tong et aliis witnessed by John hamori Thomas Bregge Nicholas Tong and others

This is the last will of me John A Bregges made the day of owre lord abovewriten and the xxth yere of the Reign of owre sovereyn lord King harry the vijth of all my landes in the wych Thomas Master Thomas aBregges John hamori Nicholas tong be infeoffed & seased

First I will that Isabell my wife take & reteyne the yerly profittes of iij peces called Barnefeld and grenelandes severally lieng in hedcron uppon the denne of hokynbury containing x acres to all the terme of her lif and after her decesse of the said Isabell my wif I will the said iij peces of lande remayn to Johane my daughter to her heires & assignes in fee simple

And if Johane my daughter decesse withowte heires of her body lawfully begotten levyng Isabell my wif that than I will my feoffers or ther assignes delyver or do to be delivered to Isabell my wife one pece of lande called Innergrenelande in fee Symple

A notherpece of lande called Barnefeld to be delyvered to Robert my brother and his heires in fee Symple

and the iijde pece of lande called Uttergrenelande remayne to John Duff & RogerDuff my sisters children if they than beyng alive

Provided if any of my said sister children decesse before the said pece of lande shall happyn to remayne levyng but one that than I will my feoffers or therassigns sell the said pece of lande & the money be [by] my feoffers receyved I will the one half of the money be bestowed to the mostbest beholve [need] of the church of hedcron aforsaide and thother halfparte of the money to be delyvered to my sister son than livyng

And if bothe my sister sonnes decesse I will the hole Summe of money be bestowed on the most necessary reparation of the church of hedcron for the helth of my soule my fadre modre my wifes my daughter soulys and all cristyn soules

Witnesse abovesaid