In dei nomine Amen the xxvj day of Aprell the year of oure lord mcccccviij [1508]

I John Breggis of the paryshe of Betrisden of goodly remembrance And of hole mende make my testament inthis wise

First I bequethe my soule to Allmyghty God to his blessed mother Marye and to all the sayntes of hevyn and my body to be buryed in the parissh Curche yerde of seynt margaret the virgyn of Betrysden aforesayd

I bequeth to the hight Auter there for my tythes and offerynges neclygently forgeton viij d

Item I bequeth to the crosse lyght there a li' of Wax

Item I bequethe to the lyght of seynt margaret there a li' of Wax

Item I bequethe to the lyght of seynt John baptist there a li' and a halfe of Wax

Item I bequethe to the lyght of seynt katerin there a li' and a halfe of Wax

Item I bequethe to the Churche of Betrisden a surplice called a jogett

Item I bequethe to every of my godchildrene viij d to be delyveryd unto them When they cumyth to there age of xvi yere

Item I bequeth to Elizabeth Agnes and Agnes my daughters to every of them vj s viij d

Item I bequethe unto Ihoane my daughter to her mariage v marke yf she happ to bey unmaryed then I will the saaide v marke shall rest in the hande of Alys my Wife

Item I bequethe to Thomas my sonne xl s

Item I bequethe to John Bregges the sonne of Thomas Bregges my sonne x s

The Residue of all my goodes and moveabillys I give and bequethe unto Alys my wife duryng all the terme of her Widowoth & yf she hap to dey and nott mary then I will before her deth she shall dispose all the sayd goodesand moveabylles that I have orderd to here yf so be that she hap to marye then I will she shall delyver all the sayd goodes and moveabyllesthat I have orderd to here unto Thomas my son and he then to delyver unto hys mother x libra of lawfull money of Ingland or delyver here goodes to the value of x libra

the which the saide Alys my wife and Thomas my son of this my testament I ordeyn and set myn executors and I ordeyn Robert Wedden to be overseer thereof by these presentes and I ordene to hym for his labour xij d

This is the last Will of me before rehersed John Bregges made and by me declared the Daye and yere abovesayd and in the yere of the reigne of King henry the vij after the conquest of Ingland the xxiij

First I will Immediatly after my decease that John Cochere my feffe of a pece of my land called the Scottyscrofte his heyres or assignes delivere estate of the sayde pece of land to Thomas my son to be had to hym his heyres and assignees for ever

Item I will anon after my decease that Alys my wife and her assignes have and occupy and the profytes to perceve? of my mesuage that I holde by Indenture of the priore of seint Gregoryes of Canterbury during all the terme of here wedowoth the competency kepyng the reparacion thereof by all the sayde terme and after that term I will that Thomas my sonne his heyres and assignees have holde and ocupy the said mesuage with thappurtenances duryng all the terme of yeres rehersynge in the foresayde Indenture

Item I will after myne yeresmende that myne Executorus there heyres or assignees shall do and distribute yerely during the time of xxti [viginti = 20] yere in the paryshe Churche of Betrysden for my soule and all Crystene soulys xiij d and to be done in forme folowynge that is to pay to the Curat of the saide Churche vj d to the sexton iij d in Offeryngs j d in Candyll j d and to iiij poore pepull ij d

Item I will that after my said yerysmend myne executorus there heyres or assignees shall order a honest prest to singe in the parisshe Church of Betrisden for the space of half a yere for my soule my fathers and my mothers soulys and all Crysten soulys and to paye hym for his labour v marke

to this be witnesseth Sere Richard parysshe prest of Betrysden Robert Weddew and Peter Gland