In dei nomine Amen
vigesimo septimo die mensis maii Anno Domini millesimo ccccmo octagesimo octavo
In the name of God Amen
Twenty seventh day of the month of May AD 1488
Ego Petrus A Bregge de hedcron' compos mentis saneque memorie existentis condo testamentum meum in hunc modum I Pyers A Bregge of Headcorn composed in mind and of good and continuing memory make my testament in the following form
In primis lego Animam meam deo omnipotenti Sancte Marie Virgini & omnibus Sanctis corpusque meum sepeliendum in cimiterio ecclesie Apostolorum petri & pauli Apostolorum de Hedcron' predicto First I leave my soul to almighty God, Saint Mary the Virgin and all saints and my body to be buried in the cemetery of the church of the apostles Peter and Paul apostles of Headcorn aforesaid
Item lego summo Altare ibidem pro decimis & oblationibus meis oblitis: iij s iiij d
Item lego lumini Sancte Anne: iiij d
Item lego lumini Sancti Petri: iiij d
Item lumini Sancti Marce ibidem: iiij d
Item lumini Sancte Katerine ibidem: iiij d
Item I leave to the high Altar there for my tithes and offerings overlooked: 3s 4d
Item I leave to the light of St Anne: 4d
Item I leave to the light of St Peter: 4d
Item to the light of St Mark there: 4d
Item to the light of St Katherine there: 4d
Item lego cumulatum filiolorum & filiolarum meorum: iiij d
Item lego Marie A Crouche filia Danieli Baker: viii d
Item lego Demsie Borden filia Petri Bregge: vi s viij d
Item I leave all my godsons and goddaughters: 4d
Item I leave Marie A Crouche daughter of Daniel Baker: 8d
Item I leave Demsie Borden daughter of Peter Bregge: 6s 8d
Item lego ad emendacionem viarum lapidatarum apud hokynbery in parochia de Hedcron': iij s iiij d
Item lego Ad emendacionem necesse vie Apud Pardennis lake: x d
Item I leave for the repair of the paved roads in Hokynbery in the parish of Headcorn: 3s 4d
Item I leave for the necessary repair of the road at Pardennis lake: 10d [urgent or as needed?]
Item lego Johanni Gedaele: vi s viii d quando venerit ad etatem duodecim Annorum Item I leave John Gedaele 6s 8d when he comes to the age of twelve years
Item lego Suustene Reder: vi s viii d
Item lego Thomasine Hankoce: xx d
Item lego Agneti Reder: xx d
Item lego Thome Hankoce meam Rosetam togam
Item I leave Suustene Reder: 6s 8d
Item I leave Thomasine Hankoce: 20d
Item I leave Agnes Reder: 20d
Item I leave Thomas Hankoce my red coat
Residuum vero omnium bonorum meorum non legatorum debitis legatis et expensis meis presolutis do & lego Johanne uxori mee The residue in truth of all my goods not bequeathed, my debts legacies and expenses having been paid, I give and leave to Johane my wife
ipsamque Johanna una cum Johanne hovynden ordino & constituo executores meos ut ipsi disponant pro salute Anime mee pro ut eis melius videbitur expedi'
and the same Johane jointly with John Hovynden I ordain and constitute my executors so they arrange matters for the health of my soul as it seems to them to be most expedient
cum predicte Johanne hovynden do & lego pro suo labore iii s iiij d while to the aforesaid John Hovynden I give and leave for his labour 3s 4d

original heading to will

This is the laste Will of me Pyers Bregge made the day and year abovesaid

First I Will that Robert Lomherst Robert Hovynden the sone of John Hovynden John Thornerst the younger Thomas a Crouche the elder shal suffer Johane my Wyf to take And Receyve the issues and profits of myn Mesuage gardynes with all the lands for terme of her lyf

excepe a pece of land called Sedefelde with a mede lying therto called breg mede to Sthephyn my sone in fee simple

Also I will that my Feoffees incontinent [= without delay] after my decesse selle a pece of lande called Breggefeld with a Medellae [meadow] lying therto the best prise that may be

And the money therof received to be bestowed to An honest priste to singe in the church of Hedcron by the space of half a yere v marc' [5 marks]

The Residue of the said money I Will it be bystowyid by the discrecion of myn executors

moreover that after the dissease of Johane my Wyf I Will that John A Bregg my sonnes sone shal have a pece of lande called Notham And Nothams mede in fee simple

Also moreover that after the descease of Johane my Wyf I Will that Stephen And after the decesse of the said Stephen my sone shall have the place in the which I dwell with the Residue of all my lands for the terme of the lyf of the said Stephen and after the dicesse of the said Stephen to Remayne to the heirs of his body lawfully begotyn [Evidently the copyist skipped a line of the original will.]

provided all way if the said Stephen die withoute issue of his body lawfully begotyn that than I Woll that the place gardynes and iij peces of lande contin' ix Acres shal Remayne to Peter Borden the sone of Roger Borden in Fee simple And to his heires

Also moreover that after the discesse of Stephen my sone & with all the issue of his body lawfully begotyn die than I Will that iiij peces of land containing vi Acres shal remayne to the sonnes of Samyell Baker that were begotyn by Eleyn Baker that other [the residue] of the said pece perce A Bregge [perce = Pyers] Eqally to be divided among them if on deye that other to be his heirs [if one should die the others to be his heirs]