In the name of god Amen the vj day of the monyth of Marche in the year of our lord mcccclxxxxix [1499/1500]

I Stephen Abregge of the parisshe of hedcron in good and hole mynd thanke it be god make my testament in this wise

First I bequethe my soule to allmyghty god to owr blessed lady Saint Mary and to all the holy company of hevyn and my body to be buried in the churchyard of hedcron

Item I bequethe to the hygh auter of the same churche iiij d

Also I will that Margarete my wif be myn executryx And Richard Chetherm prior of leedes my oversear

Item to saynt Annes light ij d
Item I bequethe to my godson herry baler iiij d

This is the last will of me Stephen Abregge of hedecron made the vijth day of the monyth of Marche in the year of our lord mcccclxxxxix

First I will that my wyf shal have all my stuff of housholde after my decesse and also all my corne and catall

Also I will that my wif shal have ij peces of land called Seythfeld and bregge mede to her in fee simple

Also I will that one pece of land called Sowthcrofte lying in the parysshe of Hedcron being in the lordship of Wormsett conteynyng by estimation iiij acres of land to be sold by the dyscretion of Richard Chetherm prior of ledres and the money therof remainyng to be bestowed by his discretion for my soule my fadre and Modres soules and all cristen soules

These bering wittnes mast prior of leedes John Edynden and Robert Hook

Probatum xxvij° Aprilis Anno Domine predicto Juramento testamentum prescriptorem Comissaque est administratio executricis